Forget Boston, Even Dubai Isn't Ready For the BoA Floating…

Kevin Schopfer, the same delusional, megalomaniac architect behind NOAH is back with the Boston Arcology (BoA) floating city concept for Boston Harbor. I'm not from Boston, but my guess is that their reaction would be: "this is wicked retahded." » 1/15/10 1:18pm 1/15/10 1:18pm

Boa Sleeve Is Condom For MacBook Air, Only Stronger (We Checked)

Forget that tired old manila envelope joke, a new case by a company called Boa may just be the snuggest, sleekest wrapper for your MacBook Air. The Fashion Sleeve is plush-lined and offers what Boa calls "minimalist protection." At just .65mm thin, it's allegedly the thinnest Airbook case on the market. After seeing… » 4/14/08 2:25pm 4/14/08 2:25pm