Getting dragged on the water by a giant excavator is a fun way to surf

Strapping yourself to a giant machine and then letting it have its way with you while you’re on a board on a lake is a great way to make yourself forget that the hands of a clock are always turning. Just let the excavator whip you back and forth and around. Be at the mercy of the machines. Try tricks. Get dizzy. Fall. »6/24/15 1:50am6/24/15 1:50am


If only all planes could empty out 873 passengers in 78 seconds

Let's hope none of us ever have to be put in a situation where we have to evacuate an airplane but this 2006 evacuation test of an Airbus A380 makes our current plane deplaning process look like a complete waste of time. The test incredibly emptied out all 873 passengers of the plane in less than 80 seconds. Typical… »11/11/13 8:20pm11/11/13 8:20pm

Every Airline Should Board Airplane Passengers Like This (It Cuts Boarding Time in HALF)

Boarding a plane is a completely miserable, time-consuming experience. How often are you left waiting for that oversized man jam his oversized luggage into the undersized overhead compartment? Ridiculous! That's why every airline needs to try this new boarding method. It cuts the time in half. »8/30/11 2:00pm8/30/11 2:00pm

SoulArc Skateboard Has One Big Spring for Surf-Alike Goodness

There's something about the simplicity of a skateboard that keeps designers coming back »8/22/08 6:50am8/22/08 6:50am it... but the SoulArc board certainly seems a worthy reinvention. It's designed to make skateboarding feel more like surfing, with a huge leaf-spring mounted between its long deck and the wheels: And it's less unwieldy-looking…