If only all planes could empty out 873 passengers in 78 seconds

Let's hope none of us ever have to be put in a situation where we have to evacuate an airplane but this 2006 evacuation test of an Airbus A380 makes our current plane deplaning process look like a complete waste of time. The test incredibly emptied out all 873 passengers of the plane in less than 80 seconds. Typical… » 11/11/13 8:20pm 11/11/13 8:20pm

SoulArc Skateboard Has One Big Spring for Surf-Alike Goodness

There's something about the simplicity of a skateboard that keeps designers coming back » 8/22/08 6:50am 8/22/08 6:50am it... but the SoulArc board certainly seems a worthy reinvention. It's designed to make skateboarding feel more like surfing, with a huge leaf-spring mounted between its long deck and the wheels: And it's less unwieldy-looking…