I wish I could spend summer in the Mediterranean driving this beauty

Italian designer Pietro Russomanno's Raceline is the 26-foot-long daughter of a classic Riva boat— one of my favorite vehicle designs—and a classic sports car. If I had to spend a summer in the Mediterranean riviera, this is the vehicle I'd like to have to move from coast town to coast town to eat seafood and drink… »7/23/14 11:03pm7/23/14 11:03pm


Forget the Concorde, I Want to Fly on Boeing's Lost Flying Boats of the 1940s

12 of these hulking metal flying boats flew the skies between 1939 and 1946, before Boeing scrapped them—or sank them. A nice collection of vintage images have been discovered showing the height of luxury they offered passengers (who had to cough up $760 for a one-way ticket between San Francisco and Hong Kong). »2/15/11 9:20am2/15/11 9:20am