This Giant Quarter-Scale Boba Fett Is As Detailed As Figures Get

The best thing about Hot Toys' new 17-inch tall quarter-scale Boba Fett figure is that you won't actually be able to get your hands on one until November of 2015. Which gives you more than enough time to save up the $470 you'll need to pay off your pre-order, and built a suitable shrine to display this masterpiece on. » 12/24/14 8:45am 12/24/14 8:45am

Holy crap, the new Lego Star Wars Slave I is so damn cool and gigantic

OH JESUS-FREAKING-YODA-ON-A-POGO-STICK! YES! I've waited for this for a very long time, but at last is here: The Slave I—Boba Fett's bounty hunter ship from The Empire Strikes Back—has been revealed and it's freaking cool—gorgeous 1,995-piece minifig scale model full of great details. » 10/03/14 10:42pm 10/03/14 10:42pm

Star Wars Bounty Hunters and Yoda Have Us All Steamed

Here in Gizmodo we have this love-hate relationship with steampunk-which borders in the hate-hate most of the time. But when it comes to Star Wars redesigns, I can't help it, I'm fascinated by them, specially the new bounty hunters from Empire Strikes Back, including an omfg-I-want-it version of Boba Fett. Yoda and… » 7/24/08 9:30am 7/24/08 9:30am

This is What Happens When You Combine Boba Fett, Flashdance and…

This is what happens when you mix Boba Fett, Flashdance and fireworks: a brilliant, but somehow disturbing stop-motion animation, that's what. Damn you, Patrick Boivin, for mixing everyone's favorite Star Wars bounty hunter with the movie scene that made me horny for the first time. [Editor's Note: TMI!] On the other… » 7/04/08 10:00am 7/04/08 10:00am

Irony: Boba Fett Cast In Carbonite (Well, Bronze) For the Wanton…

An artist named Scott recently cast a Boba Fett PEZ dispenser in bronze using the lost-wax process, and ended up (I think accidentally) giving it a "battle scar" that would make George Lucas proud. It's haunting, seeing that lifeless helmet stare out at the world, moving only when the cruel and greedy snap back its… » 3/31/08 12:00pm 3/31/08 12:00pm