Holy crap, the new Lego Star Wars Slave I is so damn cool and gigantic

OH JESUS-FREAKING-YODA-ON-A-POGO-STICK! YES! I've waited for this for a very long time, but at last is here: The Slave I—Boba Fett's bounty hunter ship from The Empire Strikes Back—has been revealed and it's freaking cool—gorgeous 1,995-piece minifig scale model full of great details. » 10/03/14 10:42pm 10/03/14 10:42pm

Star Wars Bounty Hunters and Yoda Have Us All Steamed

Here in Gizmodo we have this love-hate relationship with steampunk-which borders in the hate-hate most of the time. But when it comes to Star Wars redesigns, I can't help it, I'm fascinated by them, specially the new bounty hunters from Empire Strikes Back, including an omfg-I-want-it version of Boba Fett. Yoda and… » 7/24/08 9:30am 7/24/08 9:30am

This is What Happens When You Combine Boba Fett, Flashdance and…

This is what happens when you mix Boba Fett, Flashdance and fireworks: a brilliant, but somehow disturbing stop-motion animation, that's what. Damn you, Patrick Boivin, for mixing everyone's favorite Star Wars bounty hunter with the movie scene that made me horny for the first time. [Editor's Note: TMI!] On the other… » 7/04/08 10:00am 7/04/08 10:00am

Irony: Boba Fett Cast In Carbonite (Well, Bronze) For the Wanton…

An artist named Scott recently cast a Boba Fett PEZ dispenser in bronze using the lost-wax process, and ended up (I think accidentally) giving it a "battle scar" that would make George Lucas proud. It's haunting, seeing that lifeless helmet stare out at the world, moving only when the cruel and greedy snap back its… » 3/31/08 12:00pm 3/31/08 12:00pm