How does homemade body armor made from t-shirts, paper, and duct tape hold up to bullets?

This test of homemade body armor by Demolition Ranch reads like the old fable of the Three Little Pigs. This little piggy made body armor out of T-Shirts. This little piggy used duct tape. And this one used a stack of printer paper. Which homemade body armor can withstand the big bad wolf bullet? Well, they each sort… »10/27/15 4:30pm10/27/15 4:30pm


How many shots from an assault rifle can a ceramic body armor plate take before breaking?

Can body armor stand up to an assault rifle? Can a ceramic plate not shatter against the bullets of an AR-15 and AK-47 hybrid weapon? Demolition Ranch investigated by shooting the crap out of the body armor to see how long it takes for a bullet to pierce and penetrate through. »10/13/15 6:00am10/13/15 6:00am

Future Soldiers Could Go to War Wearing Fish-Scale Armor

Piranha have a well-earned reputation for being able and willing to eat just about anything in their path. One of the few exceptions is the Arapaima, a six-foot long, 300-pound Amazonian predator with bony scales capable of withstanding the toothy onslaught. Researchers are now working to adapt the Arapaima's defenses… »2/11/12 1:00am2/11/12 1:00am

Futuristic Dinosaur Eel Fish Armor Would Protect Soldiers With Scales, Sans Smelly Odors

A team of MIT engineers is hoping to develop tomorrow's body armor today with a fish whose family tree stretches back 96 million years. Called the Polypterus senegalus, or "dinosaur eel" to layman schlubs like me, this primitive fish still thrives in the muddy rivers of Africa, and has retained a full-body suit of… »8/03/08 10:00am8/03/08 10:00am

Body Armor and Fashion Collide in the Urban Security Suit

Designer Tim Smit had a vision: somehow unite people's need for personal security with fashion. So he created the Urban Security suit concept, a neoprene outfit with carefully placed kevlar panels— the biggest over the heart area. The neoprene lets you move easily, the kevlar shields your internal organs, and there's… »4/28/08 9:40am4/28/08 9:40am