A single pound of human body fat looks horrifyingly vile

Don't worry, what you're looking at isn't exactly real but actually a full replica of fatty tissue in a human body. Not that it makes it any better because that's pretty much how fat looks like inside your body. Which, well, oh my god gross. I don't want a single ounce of this slimy goopy jiggle on my body anymore. » 2/03/14 10:23pm 2/03/14 10:23pm

Hello Kitty Health System Cutely Calls You a Fatty Boombatty

Really, this is just a standard body fat meter with a Hello Kitty sticker slapped on the front of it. But it also comes with a numeric health meter and a cooking scale, so you know what'll expand your waistline before you shove it in your face. » 6/01/07 11:20am 6/01/07 11:20am

BenQ's Fat-measuring Phone Keeps Your Spare Tire in Check

We've seen phones with lots of crazy features, but in my opinion BenQ's fat-measuring phone beats them all. The alleged phone keeps track of your pudge by shooting out a micro-current that travels through your body. » 5/04/07 10:00am 5/04/07 10:00am