The Department of Homeland Security's Plans to Digitally Strip Search…

This is nefarious-sounding: The Department of Homeland Security "spent millions of dollars on mobile body scanner technology that could be used at railways, stadiums, and elsewhere," according to a trove of documents obtained via FOIA by the Electronic Privacy Information Center. » 3/03/11 7:20pm 3/03/11 7:20pm

The FAA Bill Could Make TSA Body Scan Distribution Illegal

Senators Chuck Schumer and Ben Nelson are introducing an amendment to the FAA bill that would make it illegal to pass around TSA body scanner images like so many blurry nude baseball cards. If it passes, the Security Screening Confidential Data Privacy Act would ensure that violators could serve up to a year in jail… » 2/08/11 7:20pm 2/08/11 7:20pm

This Lady Made A DIY TSA-Like Body Scanner

Jeri Ellsworth probably saw all the fun the TSA was having with their scanners and decided, 'hey, maybe I can build my own'. And by hacking a satellite dish to act as her backscatter and centimeter wave scanner, she did. » 12/04/10 2:00pm 12/04/10 2:00pm

Quit Throwing Airport Security Tantrums and Let Me Fly in Peace

Brian Sodergren, the man behind the National Opt-Out Day movement is currently traveling by car—effectively opting-out of Opt-Out Day. You're currently pissing off a TSA agent by demonstrating your principles. I really hate both of you. » 11/24/10 6:20pm 11/24/10 6:20pm

National Opt-Out Day Is A Bust, Says TSA

According to the TSA's "Blogger Bob," basically nobody is choosing to opt out of the advance screening at airports across the country despite "National Opt-Out Day". Some airports report zero opt-outs. So much for the uprising. [] » 11/24/10 12:32pm 11/24/10 12:32pm

Get Ready to Be Groped Much Harder by Airport Security

The full body scans at airports—the ones that reveal your naughty bits in great detail—are fortunately optional, given prior abuse. But after Oct. 31, if you opt out, it looks like you'll be more thoroughly "screened" than ever. » 10/13/10 8:00pm 10/13/10 8:00pm

Airport "Naked" Body Scanners Get Privacy Upgrade to Anonymize Your…

Airport security scanners that literally see through your clothes are contentious. Because ... well, think about shadowy TSA guys peeping at your bits. Hence some firms are now tweaking them to anonymize your "x-rays" to protect your decency. » 9/08/10 8:40pm 9/08/10 8:40pm

Body Scanner (Total Recall: Part 2)

You may feel a little squeamish about going through this body scanner, but that's the way things are going these days. And though it may dig into the whole privacy thing, you'll find this piece of test equipment up and running at London's Paddington station. Now it's not just bags that will pass through it, but… » 1/12/06 12:35pm 1/12/06 12:35pm