It's Shockingly Easy to Hide Guns and Bombs From Backscatter Scanners

The TSA's full-body scanners never seemed like a very good idea. They're a great way to unwittingly show your naked body to government officials, for one. They're also insanely easy to trick. We've suspected as much for some time now, but a team of university researchers just confirmed some scary security flaws. »8/20/14 12:53pm8/20/14 12:53pm


The TSA Doesn't Deny That It's Really Easy to Fool TSA Naked Body Scanners

If you've been on the internet today, you probably saw (along with the iPad 3) that those fancy TSA naked body scanners can be easily duped by just carrying something to the side over you body (in a side pocket or an attached pouch). Wait... that's all it takes? Apparently so. Even the TSA doesn't deny it. »3/07/12 4:30pm3/07/12 4:30pm