The TSA Has Finally Removed All of Its Naked Full-Body Scanners

The TSA has announced that the "naked image" full-body scanners at airports that have caused so much controversy are no more. The scanners have been removed from all of America's airports. Replacing it are machines that show 'generic images' of the human body. » 5/31/13 11:48pm 5/31/13 11:48pm

TSA to Remove Naked-Image Scanners From US Airports

The Transportation Security Administration has announced that it will remove the controversial "naked image" body scanners from US airports because developers can't write software to make the images less revealing. » 1/18/13 4:37am 1/18/13 4:37am

The TSA Doesn't Deny That It's Really Easy to Fool TSA Naked Body…

If you've been on the internet today, you probably saw (along with the iPad 3) that those fancy TSA naked body scanners can be easily duped by just carrying something to the side over you body (in a side pocket or an attached pouch). Wait... that's all it takes? Apparently so. Even the TSA doesn't deny it. » 3/07/12 4:30pm 3/07/12 4:30pm

Is It Really This Easy to Fool a TSA Body Scanner? (UPDATED)

It's not every day that we see something as scary as this. Those fancy, expensive, TSA body scanners that blast you with radiation and can see you naked in the name of security? It would seem it's easier to slip things past them than metal detectors. » 3/07/12 11:25am 3/07/12 11:25am

Quit Throwing Airport Security Tantrums and Let Me Fly in Peace

Brian Sodergren, the man behind the National Opt-Out Day movement is currently traveling by car—effectively opting-out of Opt-Out Day. You're currently pissing off a TSA agent by demonstrating your principles. I really hate both of you. » 11/24/10 6:20pm 11/24/10 6:20pm