How Boeing Is Going to Fix the 787 Dreamliner's Battery Problems

Tonight, Boeing detailed its solution for the 787 Dreamliner's battery problems. It involves improving the battery itself, fixing the charging system and adding another layer of protection with an added enclosure. Boeing is still committed to lithium-ion batteries and this solution will allow Boeing to continue to use… » 3/14/13 9:29pm 3/14/13 9:29pm

Boeing 787 Gets Its Wings Snapped, For Science

In order to get certified by the FAA, every new plane must undergo wing tests to prove that it can withstand 150% of the load that it could ever be expected to encounter in flight. Engineers usually try to pass the test, and continue to stretch the wings to see just how far » 11/19/08 7:17am 11/19/08 7:17am they can get, resulting in . The cleared…

Japanese Version of Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Offer Butt-Wiping Luxury

Now that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is no longer under wraps, airlines around the world are figuring out how to make it even more luxurious. Not to be outdone is Japan's All Nippon Airways, which will equip its bathrooms with bun-spraying washlet toilets from Toto. The seats have special bidet wands that wash and dry… » 7/09/07 11:55am 7/09/07 11:55am

First Photos of Complete Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The first Boeing 787 Dreamliner left the assembly yard Tuesday evening. The mid-sized, twin engine commercial jetliner is due to see the skies in May 2008. And aviation enthusiast Charles Conklin managed to snap some pictures of the plane. UPDATE: There are some more great shots out there, hop on over to Flightblogger » 6/27/07 11:07pm 6/27/07 11:07pm

Boeing Dreamliner will no longer offer wireless

Boeing is no longer planning to implement a wireless internet service on their 787 Dreamliner planes, due to weight and international wireless frequency issues. The Dreamliner planes will use a wired network instead, which will weigh just 50lbs, a quarter of the weight wireless access would require. Boeing phased out… » 1/25/07 4:40pm 1/25/07 4:40pm