Boeing Dreamliner First Flight Video: IT FLIES!

They made it! It flies! IT FLIES! After countless tests, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is finally flying. As in, taking off, going around a few times, and then landing without any problem. Here's the first video. And another one here: » 12/15/09 5:36pm 12/15/09 5:36pm

Dreamliner First Power-On, All Systems Nominal

After all the problems and delays with in the 787's manufacturing, they have finally powered-on the aircraft and completed all the start up tests. In this picture you can see Boeing's test technician Dave Haskell plugging the aircraft to an external power line. The power-on of all the electrical systems in the… » 6/20/08 12:59pm 6/20/08 12:59pm

Dreamliner's Carbon Composite Body Unsafe? Wired Science Calls Bullshit

We told you the other day about Dan Rather's TV blather about how the Boeing 787 Dreamliner "could be unsafe" because of its carbon composite airframe, but now there are lots of experts disagreeing with that report. Aaron Rowe at Wired Science calls it "a cheap shot at Boeing," and chides the mainstream news media for… » 9/21/07 9:42am 9/21/07 9:42am