Bolt 1.6 Lets You Ditch BlackBerry's Default Browser for Good

We like the Bolt browser for BlackBerry, and version 1.6 isn't just faster, but crucially, now lets you make it the default browser, so you don't have to go back to the standard one (even if it is much improved itself in BlackBerry OS 5.0). [Bolt via CrackBerry] » 12/07/09 9:34am 12/07/09 9:34am

Dealzmodo Hack: Don't Give Up On Your Symbian Phone

Symbian is the planet's most popular smartphone OS—everywhere except the US, that is. It's also arguably the most boring. In this last, most urgent installment of the cellphone revitalization series, we alleviate your Symbian shame. » 4/07/09 4:00pm 4/07/09 4:00pm