Woman Who Claimed She Was Surgically Implanted with a Device Disrupts…

There was a big scare earlier this afternoon when US Airways Flight 787 was re-directed from Charlotte, North Carolina to Bangor, Maine because a passenger was "acting suspiciously". F-15 fighter jets raced at maximum subsonic speed to intercept the plane and had the pilot force-land in Maine. It was because a woman… » 5/22/12 3:54pm 5/22/12 3:54pm

Turner Broadcasting Coughs Up $2 Million for Boston 'Bomb' Scare

Turner Broadcasting accepted full responsibility for scaring up cops and homeland security officials in Boston last week, with the broadcast giant and its contractor Interference Inc. agreeing to plunk down $2 million to soothe everyone's nerves after the goofy fiasco had the city up in arms. » 2/06/07 10:48am 2/06/07 10:48am