AfterShokz Sportz M2 Review: Decent Sounding Headphones, No Ears…

The idea of AfterShokz headphones seemed sweet—the bone conduction sports headphones could pump music through your cheekbones instead of your ears. But the original headphones sounded pretty weak, and they came in fourth place in our Best Running Headphones Battlemodo. Now the second generation is here, with a claimed… » 1/02/13 4:20pm 1/02/13 4:20pm

Pantech's Bone Conduction Phone Makes Us Say Duh

Although bone conduction is nothing new in headphones and Bluetooth headsets, not very many cellphones incorporate it into their feature sets. Pantech's KDDI A1407PT in Japan does have this bone conduction loudspeaker, and channels sound through your bones from your ear (or just behind your ear), which helps you hear… » 10/16/07 2:40pm 10/16/07 2:40pm