Each Time You Open Facebook, You'll Now Think of Bono

Bono (he out of U2, the perpetual-glasses-wearer and preacher) and his private equity company Elevation Partners have bought a larger stake in Facebook, acquiring 1.5 per cent of the site altogether. No-one at Elevation is planning on becoming a board member at Facebook or Yelp (where they also have a stake)… » 6/29/10 5:46am 6/29/10 5:46am

Bono and Oprah to Launch Red iPod Nano Tomorrow

The two giant stars plan to unveil a 4GB red iPod Nano in order to benefit the Product RED charity. From each sale of the $199 iPod, $10 will be donated towards The Global Fund to help out HIV/AIDS sufferers in Africa. Rumors of a red iPod have been around since January of this year, but we're certain that Oprah used… » 10/12/06 7:15pm 10/12/06 7:15pm