Fingers On: Pervy Japanese 'Boob Engineer's' Breast-Fondling App For iPhone

Not satisfied with the amount of boob-touching going on in real life, a Japanese programmer after my own heart created paiTouch (oh wit! pai »9/24/08 7:20pm9/24/08 7:20pm = slang for boobs)-an iPhone touchscreen version of his much more intensive Flash simulator complete with motion physics algorithms for "realistic" jiggling and plenty of…

Mitsubishi Laser TV's Colors Look Even Juicier Than the Girls on the Set

Click to viewMitsubishi put together quite a spectacle to introduce its Laser TV last night at the Moon Nightclub at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, unveiling a 65-inch rear-projection set that uses a unique laser backlight. The result is some of the most vivid color we've ever seen on any TV, especially the primary… »1/08/08 3:29am1/08/08 3:29am