Inspire Aspiring Artists With Boogie Board's New Infinite Tracing Tool

They say good artists copy, while great artists steal. But aspiring artists? They trace, and the new transparent Boogie Board, which we first covered back at CES, is finally hitting the market with an accompanying tablet app and activity packs letting kids practice their penmanship, or just doodle. »10/26/15 9:40am10/26/15 9:40am


The New Transparent LCD Boogie Board Lets Kids Trace What's Underneath

Using LCD technology that's similar—but not exactly the same—as what's used for your laptop's screen, the makers of the Boogie Boards created a modern take on those lift-and-peel drawing pads that instead erase at the push of a button. And at CES 2015 the company has announced a new kid-friendly version called the … »1/06/15 6:23am1/06/15 6:23am

"Paper Replacement" Boogie Board Tablet Got Taller Since You Saw It Last

Remember the Boogie Board "tablet" that, factoring in 50,000 erases, cost less than paper? It's been super-sized to 10.5 inches, giving you basically twice the real estate to doodle or leave disgusting dorm door messages. You still can't record your sketches or writing, but depending on how indecent your friends are,… »6/09/11 1:20pm6/09/11 1:20pm