Infinity Bookcase Stores Finite Amount of Books, Is Infinitely Cool Anyway

This Infinity Bookcase is almost »11/18/08 7:40pm11/18/08 7:40pm as cool as the . Created by Dutch artist Job Koelewijn, it is supposed to represent the power of learning, or the infinite number of books that you are never going to read, or something like that. Whatever. Definitely a solid #2 in the Gizmodo's Fetish Bookcase Ranking. [ via ] *Yes, I…

StairCASE's Bottom Shelves Keep Highest Books in Reach

It's no surprise that a dude who lives in a city of 18 million people would appreciate the need to conserve space. Shanghai-based artist Danny Kuo created the StairCASE, a bookcase where the shelves slide out to become a stairwell. We've seen the amalgamation of shelves and stairs »9/16/08 10:30pm9/16/08 10:30pm before in London, but StairCASE can…

Reversible Media Center: Hide That Tech, Look Like a Bookworm

We realize that part of the thrill of owning high-tech gear is gazing at its sophisticated industrial design, but many distaff members of our species would rather all that high-tech paraphernalia be hidden away. Call a truce with the Reversible Media Center, with a swiveling mounting panel to which you attach the… »9/07/06 11:23am9/07/06 11:23am