Nokia Booklet 3G Hands On: Nice Netbook, But How Much?

The Nokia Booklet 3G has touched down on US soil. The cell phone manufacturer's first laptop is made of sturdy stuff and is mobile broadband/SIM-card friendly. I'd buy one if the price is right. But chances are it's not. » 10/12/09 9:00am 10/12/09 9:00am

Nokia Dishes Booklet 3G's Full Specs and Price

After teasing its 10.1-inch netbook with 3G and Assisted-GPS, Nokia has confirmed an impressive 16-cell (12-hour) battery and coughed-up full specs: Windows 7, 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, 120GB hard disk, 1GB RAM, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and HDMI. Price: €575 ($810) before-subsidies. » 9/02/09 4:46am 9/02/09 4:46am