RIP Oliver Sacks: 7 Must-Read Books and Stories About Our Beautiful Brains

In the past day you may have seen the internet lighting up with appreciations for the writer and neurologist Oliver Sacks. He died yesterday at age 82, leaving behind a lifetime of illuminating writing that helped us to understand our own brains as beautiful, imperfect machines. Here are a few of our favorite books… » 8/31/15 6:40pm Yesterday 6:40pm

All the Most Thrilling Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming This Fall

Your “to read” pile is about to get much more massive. This fall’s science fiction and fantasy books include new titles by legends like Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, Stephen King, Jim Butcher and Tanya Huff. You’re not ready for this! Which is why we’re getting you ready, with our guide to fall books. » 8/28/15 5:30pm Friday 5:30pm

An Algorithm Can Quickly Find the Killer in an Agatha Christie Mystery

She’s still widely regarded as one of the greatest mystery writers ever, but coming up on what would be her 125th birthday, a group of academics has managed to create an algorithm that can accurately predict which character will turn out to be the killer in an Agatha Christie novel. » 8/25/15 10:25am 8/25/15 10:25am

Ask the Press Start to Play Authors Anything You Want about Videogames In Science Fiction

Authors Daniel H. Wilson, Chris Kluwe, Rhianna Pratchett, Austin Grossman, Chris Avellone, and John Joseph Adams are all here to answer your questions about the future of videogames, gaming in science fiction, and their new short story collection, Press Start to Play.
http://www.amazon.com/Press-Start-Pl... » 8/24/15 11:05am 8/24/15 11:05am

The Art of Lego Scale Modeling Will Make You Wish You Were a Better Builder

The beauty of Lego is that anyone, be they a toddler or retired, can use the toy to build whatever they can imagine. However, there are some Lego fans who are a lot better at turning a pile of plastic bricks into a masterpiece, and some of their most amazing creations have been collected into a new book from No Starch… » 8/23/15 10:00am 8/23/15 10:00am

This Bedtime Book Uses Psychology Tricks To Make Kids Fall Asleep Fast

There’s a new weapon in the war on bedtime that might finally give parents the definitive advantage over their kids. The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep is a new children’s book written using specific psychological techniques that help kids relax and quickly doze off. » 8/18/15 7:20pm 8/18/15 7:20pm

Drink a Book to Purify Your Water

You’ve probably never thought “maybe I’ll drink a book today,” but apparently that’s just for lack of imagination. Scientists, inventive weirdos that they are, have upended reality once again, creating a book with pull-out, nanoparticle-coated pages that can filter 100 liters of drinking water each—enough to supply a… » 8/18/15 4:40pm 8/18/15 4:40pm

Two Books You Must Read If You Care About the Future of Humanity in Space

Two of the most celebrated authors in science fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson and Neal Stephenson, released epic novels this summer about our future lives in space. And yet both Robinson’s Aurora and Stephenson’s Seveneves are actually about why we may never be able to leave Earth behind. » 8/13/15 8:58pm 8/13/15 8:58pm

New Anthology Has Women Fighting Lovecraft's Horrors. It's About Time.

H.P. Lovecraft was maybe not the most woman-friendly writer out there. His works teem oleaginously with many things, but not prominent female characters (although Shub-Niggurath, Black Goat and Mother of a Thousand Young, remains an inspiring role model for evil girls everywhere). But change is coming to the mythos: … » 8/11/15 5:40pm 8/11/15 5:40pm

Buy Jalopnik’s Book Of Car Facts And History Even Gearheads Don’t Know

So, we wrote an eBook: Jalopnik’s Book of Car Facts and History Even Gearheads Don’t Know. Snappy title, right? It’s available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Google Play. Just in time for National S’Mores Day! Buy it now and change your life forever. » 8/10/15 6:30pm 8/10/15 6:30pm

It's Survival Of The Fittest In John Scalzi's The End Of All Things

It’s pretty safe to say that John Scalzi’s career will be defined by his Old Man’s War series. The novels have consistently been his strongest novels, and with his latest entry in the series, The End Of All Things, he’s demonstrated that they’ve become more nuanced and interesting as time goes on. » 8/09/15 5:40pm 8/09/15 5:40pm

10 Books You Pretend to Have Read (And Why You Should Really Read Them)

Science fiction and fantasy offer a rich legacy of great books—but that abundant pile of reading material can also be daunting. So sometimes, it’s easier to fake it. We asked some of our favorite writers, and they told us the 10 books that everyone pretends to have read. And why you should actually read them.
» 7/30/15 1:43pm 7/30/15 1:43pm

Where's Waldo Wallpaper Is the Best Work Distraction

We’ve all got something on our desks we like to fiddle with when work gets boring, be it a traditional Newton’s Cradle, or just the good ol’ internet. But neither can compare to the wonderful waste of time that is a giant Where’s Waldo scene filling an entire wall of your office. » 7/26/15 2:00pm 7/26/15 2:00pm