A Skyscraper Shelf Turns Your Books Into a Picturesque Skyline

If you haven't yet embraced e-reading and donated all of your printed books to your local library, you're probably also the type who likes to put your various tomes on display. So to guarantee that your carefully-curated collection gets noticed by visitors, store them on this Skyline shelf that makes them look like… »3/20/15 5:00pm3/20/15 5:00pm


A secret room behind a bookshelf is cool until a stranger lives inside

This sounds like a start to a horror movie, an A-plus-plus-plus internet hoax or one of the scariest things you can find in your home. A user on Imgur was horsing around in one of the rooms in his house when his little brother ran into a bookshelf. Turns out, the bookshelf could open up. Turns out, the bookshelf hid a… »11/14/13 12:28am11/14/13 12:28am

Google's Offices Have Awesome Secret Rooms Hidden By Swiveling Bookshelves

Google's New York City office has something that every office in America needs: secret rooms hidden by swiveling bookshelves. If you're not in the know, you wouldn't know it existed. But if you do have Batman access at Google, you can pull the correct book and expose a whole 'nother world. Or something like that. »4/22/13 8:30pm4/22/13 8:30pm

Phone Booths Reincarnated As Bookshelves Finally Make Phone Booths Useful

If you pay close attention to the streets of any city, you might notice the boxy, armored shields that house telephones. Yes! Phone booths still exist. Of course no one ever uses them because everyone has a cell phone but yet they still stand, like unwavering artificial trees. But what if we convert phone booths to… »2/20/12 2:40pm2/20/12 2:40pm

StairCASE's Bottom Shelves Keep Highest Books in Reach

It's no surprise that a dude who lives in a city of 18 million people would appreciate the need to conserve space. Shanghai-based artist Danny Kuo created the StairCASE, a bookcase where the shelves slide out to become a stairwell. We've seen the amalgamation of shelves and stairs »9/16/08 10:30pm9/16/08 10:30pm before in London, but StairCASE can…

PLoP! Collapsible, Recyclable Bookshelves Perfect For Students, Greens

In between beers, my student days were spent shuttling between at least 10 different homes, and my poor battered library would definitely have benefited from PLoP! This concept from designer Joyce Hong is simply a rigid cardboard bookshelf that collapses up when you need to move it around. It weighs just 4 pounds, and… »6/10/08 9:45am6/10/08 9:45am

Giant Curvalicious Bookshelf Winds Its Way Through Your Apartment

Brazilian design firm Triptyque has designed an apartment-wide storage solution/book shelf that looks kind of like what everyone thought the future would be in 1965. Custom-made for a private apartment in Sao Paolo, the shelf winds its way through the entire area, pulling double duty as an entertainment rack and a… »6/07/08 4:00pm6/07/08 4:00pm