These Grand Cathedrals Now House Regular Books, Not Bibles

Churches tend to ebb and flow with generations: Chapels close after neighborhoods are redeveloped, cathedrals are abandoned after religious upheaval. So, what then? In more than a few cases, they've been turned into bookstores and libraries. » 3/27/14 9:00am 3/27/14 9:00am

An Interactive Map of San Francisco's Many Literary Landmarks

In the lead-up to Litquake, the annual city-wide literary festival that kicks off this Friday, the San Francisco Chronicle just launched a seriously impressive online map marking some of the Bay Area’s most iconic moments in print. » 10/08/13 5:40pm 10/08/13 5:40pm

What Would It Be Like if Book Stores Died Out Completely?

Most of us increasingly read digitally—and the book store industry is in decline as a result. But can you imagine a future where book stores had died out completely? » 4/19/13 4:37am 4/19/13 4:37am

The Borders Goodbye Email Is Like Watching Old Yeller in Slow Motion

Just when the snarkbot in me wanted to giggle at Borders like a great big jerk, they go and send this genuinely heartfelt farewell message. In summary: they got their butts kicked, and they're sorry. So am I. » 7/22/11 9:00am 7/22/11 9:00am

Borders Takes eBook Reader Price War Lead With $120 Aluratek Libre

Borders may not be the biggest name in eBook readers. They may not have the nicest devices or the most robust selection. But by god, they're going to win on price if it kills them. Enter the $120 Aluratek Libre. » 6/01/10 11:53am 6/01/10 11:53am

iRex DR800SG Ebook Reader: Verizon 3G, B&N Books, Stylus Touchscreen

Updated: 2010 really is shaping up as the year of the ebook reader. The latest entry: iRex's $400 DR800SG. It has an 8.1-inch stylus touchscreen, 3G Gobi chip with unlimited Verizon data, and books from Barnes & Noble's ebook store. » 9/23/09 5:24am 9/23/09 5:24am