How Boomboxes Got So Badass

Boomboxes are, by definition, excessive. With their deafening bass thud and dazzling chrome dials, these electric beasts are heavy enough to tone your biceps. Also known as "ghetto blasters" or "jamboxes," they rose to fame in the 1980s along with hip-hop, flourishing as a tool for sharing and mixing the latest beats.… » 4/24/14 4:40pm 4/24/14 4:40pm

Your Next Block Party Needs This Giant Car-Powered Cardboard Boombox

Bartek Elsner, an artist who uses cardboard to build things far more awesome than your childhood fridge box fort, created this monstrous paper boombox for a Mini Cooper dealer in Zurich, Switzerland. What's even more awesome is that the creation works, and is powered by the car battery from a Mini that's actually… » 10/11/12 12:40pm 10/11/12 12:40pm

The Fastest Adopted Gadget Isn't What You Think

If you think about the one gadget you simply can't live without, most of us would say our smartphones, right? Like what would you do if people couldn't always absolutely definitely get in touch with you. Well a study dug up by The Atlantic looks at rates of adoption shows that cellphones were actually relatively slow… » 3/23/12 11:39am 3/23/12 11:39am

Who Needs Headphones When You've Got Ludacris' Party in a Box?

With the proliferation of phones and tablets as the primary listen devices for music, some producers go so far as to mix their tracks for tiny mono speakers, *cough*Akon*cough*. Others take the opposite approach, bypassing these tiny tweeters in favor of streaming the tunes to something a bit more robust. » 1/11/12 2:40am 1/11/12 2:40am

Review: Lasonic i931 iPod Ghetto Blaster (Verdict: Awesome)

Click to viewWe've covered a handful of new and modded Lasonic gear here at Giz, but I finally got up close with their fabled i931 iPod Ghetto Blaster. If you're unfamiliar, Lasonic made some classic boomboxes during the 80s, and now they've updated their TRC-931 boombox with a built-in iPod dock, SD card reader and… » 4/18/08 5:10pm 4/18/08 5:10pm

Sony Shows Its First Bluetooth Personal Stereos and a Bluetoothy…

Sony rolled out a slew of its first Bluetooth stereos including this ZS-BT1 wireless boombox that receives Bluetooth signals via A2DP. It has a remote control, and the great-looking player actually sounds pretty damn good. You can also connect your music player via a line-in jack, and it has 10 AM and 20 FM station… » 2/27/07 12:28pm 2/27/07 12:28pm