I'm Staying At Home And Turning My Suitcases Into Speakers

One day I'll give up traveling and painstakingly turn all my suitcases into classy rechargeable speakers. Either that or I'll pay some guy over $250 to do the hard work for me. » 10/13/10 12:40am 10/13/10 12:40am

Boombox/Briefcase Concept Would Make M.C. Hammer Proud

Oh how Kevin Byrd teases us with his wicked boombox/briefcase ("briefbox/boomcase") concept. While it's not actually a ghetto blaster melded with a classy briefcase (which would be just about the coolest thing ever to bring to a board meeting), carrying it to work would definitely put a little bit more spring in my… » 5/16/07 8:20pm 5/16/07 8:20pm