Boost Mobile Adds Motorola i425 to Lineup, Hell Freezes Over

If you thought the devil would be wearing a sweater-vest before Boost Mobile added a good looking phone to their lineup, well, check out this Motorola i425. Coming this fall, the phone weighs 3.88 ounches, is not a flip, has IM, web, speakerphone, walkie-talkie and even GPS. What it doesn't have, and what none of the… »8/17/07 4:00pm8/17/07 4:00pm

Girly Motorola i835 Now On Boost Mobile: Do Girls Like Girly Gadgets?

Motorola's got good news for all eight female Boost mobile users out there who want, nay, yearn for a cellphone that was specifically designed for girls. The i835 takes all of the focus group-tested assumptions about what women want and throw them into a cellphone that looks like it was designed in 1996. The… »11/02/06 8:45am11/02/06 8:45am