The Shuttle Launch Like You Have Never HEARD It Before Thanks to…

I've seen many launches of the space shuttle from the point of view of the rocket booster, but none, none I tell you, match this one. It's simply amazing for one reason: the sound. Put your headphones on and listen. » 3/15/12 12:40pm 3/15/12 12:40pm

The Orb Booster Is a Modest Amp for Not-So-Modest Sound

Orb's new Booster amp is not meant for full-sized home theaters, nor is it meant for surround sound systems. Instead, it's meant to power a small or medium-sized stereo speakers which you might use with your computer, or even your TV. » 11/01/11 11:33am 11/01/11 11:33am

Booster Cam Video of the Last Space Shuttle Launch

Here's a beautiful video of the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch taken by two separate cameras installed on the rocket boosters. You can follow the Shuttle on its way up and watch the rocket boosters fall back down until they splash land in the Atlantic Ocean. [NASA Television via PopSci] » 7/15/11 12:31am 7/15/11 12:31am

The 1.3 Million-Pound Rockets That Shot Endeavour Into Space

Endeavour was launched into space today for the last time ever. Prayers don't shoot shuttles into space, though: Hurtling Endeavour and its crew 28 miles straight up were a pair of 1.3-million-pound reusable solid rockets. » 5/16/11 6:00pm 5/16/11 6:00pm

Sleek Smartphone Antenna Booster Review: The Dropped Call Eater

For the better part of a year I've been trying to test the Wilson Sleek Smartphone Antenna Booster. Problem is, I kept going too far away from civilization. But apparently Death Valley is just far enough. » 1/26/11 6:00pm 1/26/11 6:00pm

Imagine You Are a Solid Rocket Booster

Would you like to feel like our furry hero Spacebat? Here's your opportunity: Jump on board the solid rocket boosters as they separate from the Space Shuttle Discovery during its March 15 launch. » 3/27/09 4:40am 3/27/09 4:40am

Buffalo's Beefy Bandwidth Booster

Designed like the glass-holding suction cups thieves use in the movies, Buffalo's AirStation WLI-U2-SG54HP works to boost your wireless connection up to 210%. It works with Vista, has 802.11b/g, WEP, WPA-PSK, and IPv6 compatibility. » 1/22/07 4:25pm 1/22/07 4:25pm