These Naked Women Were Selling Phones or Something at CES

Some Chinese company decided that having regular booth babes at their CES shack wasn't enough. Instead, they used naked women in some sort of artsy-fartsy installation that was supposed to illustrate the advantages of whatever products they were selling. » 1/11/13 6:34pm 1/11/13 6:34pm

The Best Booth at CES

Samsung doesn't build a booth at CES. They build a small town. A small town with knowledgeable citizens and a beautiful Main Street. Really, the kind of place you want to take your family to for the summer. And they do it Every. Single. Year. » 1/12/12 12:41pm 1/12/12 12:41pm

This Is the Objectively Worst Booth at CES

Congratulations, Barho Ventilation Facilities Co., Ltd. Your display at CES 2011—and by display I mean three fans lying on the floor—is so bad that the person you hired to represent you abandoned it. » 1/07/11 6:47pm 1/07/11 6:47pm

Because Asking A Girl To Marry You In A Photo Booth Is Way More…

Here's a picture of a guy proposing to his girlfriend in a photobooth. It makes me bubble inside and I never bubble inside. Just look at her, she goes from a simple smile to pure elated joy in under 4 pictures. » 8/14/10 7:00pm 8/14/10 7:00pm

Seen at CES: Panasonic's Wall of HDTVs is the Most Beautiful

There are plenty of HDTV walls at CES, but the most beautiful, by far, is Panasonic's staggered arrangement of TVs ranging from the monster 150-inch plasma to its offspring of lesser size. Gorgeous. » 1/10/09 12:54am 1/10/09 12:54am

Kyocera's Booth is the Coolest at CTIA 2007

Kyocera had the classiest CTIA booth around, composed of faux grass, wood, river-washed stones, and red structural beams. But their phones are kind of irrelevant — they need a real flagship phone. And the S-hinged clamshell, the E5000, possibly their best of show, won't cut it. (Jump for a photo and specs.) This CTIA,… » 3/27/07 7:23pm 3/27/07 7:23pm

Reason #294 Gizmondo is Gone

Spending $2,000,000 for a booth display in 2003, which is now for sale at an asking price of $110,000. As for their tagline of "I can do anything"? Not quite. » 1/19/07 9:00pm 1/19/07 9:00pm