A Day in the Life of a Booth Babe

The concept of the Booth Babe is a strange one. In the eyes of many tech companies, littering trade shows with semi-naked women helps sell their products, but to most people living in the modern world it seems incredibly sexist and outdated. » 6/07/12 6:12am 6/07/12 6:12am

This Kind of Ignorance Is What Gives Gadget Guys A Bad Name (Updated)

At CES last week, in addition to all the gear and gadgets, there was something else on display: women. As with many trade shows—especially ones aimed at a male audience—CES was rife with booth babes. » 1/17/12 4:28pm 1/17/12 4:28pm

Please Keep Your Ass Out Of My Email

CES is just around the corner, which means junk like this is showing up in my inbox. Hey, [REDACTED], did you put a butt in your email to remind me how shitty your products are? Because that's what I'm thinking. » 1/06/12 5:48pm 1/06/12 5:48pm

Booth Babe Confessions

Click to viewHere's your job: Stand for ten hours in a noisy convention center. (You might want to wear something revealing.) Try to get the attention of thousands of men—and a few women—who rush by. And don't forget to smile. » 1/10/10 5:00pm 1/10/10 5:00pm

CESpool: The Douchey Oasis of CES

Sick of eReaders and Bluetooth headsets? Witness the Ed Hardy booth! They call their iPhone cases "Icing" for some reason and have two plasticky bikini-clad booth babes. If you're the kind of person who likes Ed Hardy, you'll love it. » 1/07/10 7:16pm 1/07/10 7:16pm

3mm-Thin Digital Booth Babe Gives Other Booth Babes Inferiority…

This super-thin booth babe display was recently spotted on the floor of the high-octane International Stationary and Office Supply Fair (slogan: "You'll get punched in the face with excitement!"). » 7/09/09 1:40pm 7/09/09 1:40pm

Just Wanna Do Something Special, For the Laydeez of Computex

Dilemma of the day: Blam has been asking us to keep an eye on the tone of the site recently, saying that we need to be more highbrow. However, there doesn't seem to be much happening in mundo gadgeto. Although there is this delightful gallery of booth babes at Computex. So, to keep you guys happy, and to keep Blam… » 6/04/08 8:30am 6/04/08 8:30am

Even Toy Fair Exploits Booth Babes

I was honestly shocked to see this at Toy Fair. I mean, it's about toys. Yet they have this model prancing around in a skin-tight outfit that leaves little to the imagination. » 2/18/08 8:20am 2/18/08 8:20am

Even More Booth Babes from CES 2008

You're telling us you can't get enough of the booth babedom, so we found a few more shots from the letches at Think Computers. Check out this drop-dead gorgeous woman here up front, along with two more on the next page—but you'll have to mosey on over to the Think Computers site for 29 more. » 1/11/08 11:16am 1/11/08 11:16am

Upskirt 3000 BabeLift® Debuts at CEDIA 07

Actually, it's really a TV stand. But the up-and-down ogling goes on non-stop. Okay, okay, the TV lift system this filly is riding is the DL-39 by a company called Nexus 21. [Nexus 21]
» 9/06/07 3:21pm 9/06/07 3:21pm

Laydeez a Go-Go (and Go-Go Laydeez) at Games Convention

It's that time again guys. Yep, booth babe round-up. This is what was on offer in Leipzig last week at the Games convention—painted ladies, chicks on bikes, masked swordswomen—and Gene Simmons. [ActionTrip via i4U] » 8/28/07 6:40am 8/28/07 6:40am

Best Booth Babe Ever: Samsung's Leopard Lady

Click to viewOf all the booth babes we've ever seen, Samsung wins the all-time prize for this gorgeous body-painted leopard girl, holding court in the Samsung booth so convention goers could test out the company's digital SLRs. » 3/12/07 2:15pm 3/12/07 2:15pm

The World's Sweetest Boothbabe

I see this baby doll facedown, neglected on-stage of this Rhapsody gameshow. I move in to get a picture because I thought it was funny and I like making companies look bad. » 1/09/07 1:30am 1/09/07 1:30am

CEDIA 2006: Blurry Booth Babe Edition

Custom installers and home theatre nuts like babes too, right? Sure they do! I don't know what these ladies are trying to promote, but I don't really care. I apologize for the blur—I blame the crappy lighting on the show floor. I'll keep my eye out for some more babes, but they are pretty rare. » 9/15/06 1:56pm 9/15/06 1:56pm

Booth Babes Then and Now

If you were worried that there wouldn't be any more booth babes at E3, well, the babes are still there, they're just covering up a little bit more this year because of the recent prudishness that has pervaded the trade show.
» 5/11/06 11:01am 5/11/06 11:01am

No Booth Babes at E3? WHY Lord, WHY?

Yes, you heard right. If you were counting on those scantily-clad models and strippers for an extra bang at the video game convention E3 this year, it's time to put it back into your pants, sonny boy. The video game industry is apparently trying to change its image, banning these nubile young women from enticing shy,… » 1/25/06 8:58am 1/25/06 8:58am

Ask and Ye Shall Receive! BB ATTACK!

Stephen gets the ball rolling with these ladies from some company that makes some kind of product. That product, whatever it is, must be truly be superior if it can mate with ladies such as these! And the ownership of said product will imbue the purchaser with those same sexual qualities!
» 1/06/06 11:12am 1/06/06 11:12am

Booth Babes - A Study in Black Satin

There's some company at CES that sells stuff and they had these loverly ladies flogging their junk. Luckily, kind reader Kris was able to take a snap of these ladies afore a horde of khaki-wearing IT consultants mobbed them and nearly made off with the blonde one. » 1/06/06 10:20am 1/06/06 10:20am