Microsoft Adding Its Own Instant-On Feature To Windows?

This survey, sent to a random sampling of Windows users, seems to indicated that MS is at least thinking of integrating an instant-on mode to Windows. Existing quick-start features like Splashtop »10/15/08 9:45am10/15/08 9:45am, found on the , and a number of other machines, are usually Linux-based systems that stick their finger into the BIOS. A…

New Memory Resistor Circuit Could Make Instant-Boot PCs, Emulate Brain Functions

A fourth circuit element called memristor (the first three being resistors, capacitors and inductors) has been proposed since 1971, but HP labs has finally made a working physical model of the thing. What's so special about this type of circuit? It remembers how much charge previously flowed through it, leading to… »4/30/08 3:16pm4/30/08 3:16pm