What Four Months on Mars Taught Me About Boredom

The scene: I'm in my closet-sized cabin, inside a white dome built to house a crew of six for four months as part of an isolation experiment. As a crew, we are working and living as 'explorers' stationed on the surface of 'Mars'. Our colony is lifelike and NASA-funded, but it is situated in a place quite a bit closer… » 2/26/14 3:00pm 2/26/14 3:00pm

Scott Adams Is Bored

Here's pretty much all I know about Scott Adams: Sometimes he says (or does) wacky things. Most of the time he draws funny comics about a luckless office drone named Dilbert. I can relate! But not today. » 8/07/11 7:00pm 8/07/11 7:00pm

Bored Hunters in Oregon Are Regularly Shooting Down Google's Fibers

When there's no deer, or quail, or whatever it is hunters shoot up in The Dalles around, bored gunmen have been playing target practice with the insulators on Google's electricity distribution poles. It's so problematic Google's moving their fibers underground. » 9/21/10 6:40pm 9/21/10 6:40pm

The Dangers of Keyboard Tossing

When you're tossing a keyboard as far as you can across an empty lot, you've got a few technique options: double-handed-over-shoulder, single-hand-sidearm, or the risky cord-sling-directly-into-camera-lens. » 8/05/10 9:40am 8/05/10 9:40am

Every Day Is One of These Days

Summer! Sticky days, endless nights. Each moment brimming with possibilities. So how come this still happens to me at least twice a day? [Doghouse Diaries] » 7/05/10 7:00pm 7/05/10 7:00pm

Trapped Miners Entertained by iPods

Have a lot of time to kill? Next time you're stuck in a mine, perhaps an iPod would ease the boredom of waiting to be rescued. Two guys trapped in a Tasmanian mine have been waiting for more than a week to be rescued, and they're wiling away the hours listening to iPods lowered into their small cage wedged underneath… » 5/03/06 10:40am 5/03/06 10:40am