How BMW’s LifeDrive Is Like the World’s Most Advanced Electric Skateboard

LifeDrive isn't just any carbon fiber shell. It's the world's first automotive body specifically designed and purpose-built for the series production of electric cars — and the architecture underneath the gorgeously fluid skin of BMW's new i3 and i8 electric Concept cars. LifeDrive is innovative, lightweight, and… » 12/12/12 9:59am 12/12/12 9:59am

The BMW i3 Concept Will Make Your Commute Green and Stylish

These days, buying a small car is a daunting task. With gas prices constantly in flux, cities becoming more cramped and a market inundated with bland options, it's easy to think that you have to sacrifice style and passion to meet your practical needs. The BMW i3 Concept will change all that — finally mixing stellar… » 12/05/12 9:59am 12/05/12 9:59am

How the BMW i8 Concept Makes Green Look Gorgeous

Let me just say as someone who has designed a concept car, I love the BMW i8 Concept. When its predecessor debuted in 2009 as the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, it was striking — a refreshing reminder that eco-friendly and forward-thinking don't have to mean ugly and awkward. » 11/28/12 11:59am 11/28/12 11:59am

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