Flesh-Detecting Saw Instantly Drops the Blade Without Destroying It

Close to a decade ago a clever inventor came up with a safety feature for power tools that could detect when a blade made contact with human flesh and instantly retract it to prevent injury. Unfortunately, it destroyed the tool in the process. » 3/18/15 5:45pm 3/18/15 5:45pm

You Can Finally Buy an Inductive Charger For Your Bosch Power Tools

We've known for months now that Bosch would be the first power tool company to offer inductive batteries and wireless charging technology. Well, now it's actually up for offer. The first of Bosch's wireless chargers and batteries are finally for sale online. And more are on the way! » 10/14/14 5:00pm 10/14/14 5:00pm

This Mixer Could Have Originally Been an Industrial Factory Robot

Mixing and kneading dough for bread can be a back-breaking process. It's a chore best left to a grandparent who's been doing it all their life—or a machine like Bosch's new MaxxiMUM mixer, which actually looks like a robotic arm from an automotive factory that was laid off but has since found other work. » 9/10/14 9:54am 9/10/14 9:54am

You'll Never Need a Second Person To Use This Tiny Laser Measure

Despite being small enough to fit in your pocket, a tape measure is one of those tools that is almost impossible to use by yourself. Laser measuring devices are far easier to wrangle if you don't have an assistant—even with just one hand—but it's taken decades for a company like Bosch to finally create a version » 8/26/14 11:00am 8/26/14 11:00am

These Inductive Batteries Keep Your Power Tools Perpetually Charged

It's almost impossible to think of a time when you had to wrangle a long cord while working with power tools. But as convenient as cordless tools are, they're useless if their batteries are dead. So this fall, Bosch will be introducing batteries with inductive charging that simply need to be placed on a base station… » 6/17/14 4:40pm 6/17/14 4:40pm

The Next L.A. TV Series, "Bosch," Will Be an Amazon Original

A new television series set in Los Angeles just got the green light—but don't look for it on NBC, AMC, or even HBO. No, Bosch—an hourlong drama about a Los Angeles homicide detective—will stream to TV sets, laptops, and mobile devices via Amazon Prime. » 4/05/14 3:29pm 4/05/14 3:29pm

Bosch Will Soon Let You Remotely Park Your Car With Your Smartphone

How many times have you had to pass up a spot in a crowded parking lot because there wasn't enough room to squeeze your car in and get your doors open? In 2015 Bosch will debut its Automatic Parking Assistant which will allow vehicles to automatically pull into a tight parking spot with or without the driver at the… » 1/06/14 11:47am 1/06/14 11:47am

An App-Connected Laser Tape Measure Will Never Mistake Inches For Feet

Sure, that laser rangefinder made short work of measuring every dimension in that room you plan to renovate. It's just too bad you jotted all those measurements down on the back of an old receipt that promptly went missing. That's why Bosch has given its new GLM 100 C laser rangefinder Bluetooth capabilities and an… » 11/06/13 6:00pm 11/06/13 6:00pm

Is This the Most Beautiful Microwave Ever Created? I Say Yes

The microwave is an appliance without glory. You throw in your bag of un-popped kernels, some leftover Chinese food, whatever. Your slop is reanimated by The Power of the Atom, and you save time. But this microwave is different. » 8/17/12 1:00pm 8/17/12 1:00pm

The Best Kitchen Drawer Drill

A cordless drill used to be a poor choice as a power tool—too heavy to take up a ladder and too weak to do the job. Then batteries got better, drills got smaller, and everything got cheaper. Cordless went from just a decent alternate to a viable replacement. » 8/15/12 4:00pm 8/15/12 4:00pm

Slick Gifts for the Grease Monkey

You know what your darling wrencher truly wants this year: gold-plated O2 sensors and diamond-encrusted CV boots. But since it's always best to surprise, buy them one of these tools for the home mechanic instead. » 12/15/10 2:40pm 12/15/10 2:40pm

Bosch's Corkscrew is One Power Tool I Wouldn't Mind Using

It's not even lunchtime yet, but already I'm dreaming of that first glass of vino collapso. What? It's practically the holidays. Let me get on with my boozehound ways—preferably with this Bosch power drill-corkscrew-hybrid. » 12/15/10 6:20am 12/15/10 6:20am

Guaranteed Awesome Gifts For The Handyman

He smells of sawdust and never needs sandpaper because his palms are so rough. He builds a Mission-style TV stand instead of hitting Ikea. And he's the guy who always helps you move. You owe him something rad this holiday. » 11/15/10 4:00pm 11/15/10 4:00pm

Bosch Rotary Hammer Drills Walls While Sucking Dust

I don't know what I like more about the $356 Bosch 11221DVS Rotary Hammer. The fact that it can drill and suck dust at the same time, or that it looks like a prop for Ghostbusters. [Amazon via LikeCool] » 5/04/10 1:40pm 5/04/10 1:40pm

Bosch Power Box 360 Pumps Up Your Jams Through Armageddon

The Bosch Power Box 360 isn't the prettiest boom box around, but it may be the ruggedest: its aluminum and rubber roll case makes it impervious to falls and, hopefully, apocalyptic fall-out. » 4/14/10 9:20pm 4/14/10 9:20pm

Mercedes to Debut Splitview Command Display this Summer

Mercedes has announced plans to implement what they call a Splitview Command display in new S-Class models—a means for the passenger and driver to see different images on the same surface. » 12/11/08 11:15am 12/11/08 11:15am

Bosch Power Box iPod Dock: Proof That Size Does Matter

What the heck is the deal with this Bosch Power Box iPod dock? Deflecting onlookers from its intended purpose, this contraption looks like it could be used to trigger 50s-era nuclear weapons rather than just power and protect a stoopid iPod. But then, we're fed up with iPods anyway, so anything that would vaporize… » 8/29/06 7:47pm 8/29/06 7:47pm

World Exclusive Bosch Power Box iPod Dock Reviewed (Vedict: Wowz0r!)

This be it, the very first images you will see ever of the Bosch Power Box PB10-CD iPod Boombox. Just look at it, it is simply breathtaking and it plays back music all good-like. It has a roll cage for sakes, it has to be amazing. Are you impressed yet? You should be because nobody has ever seen anything quite like… » 8/29/06 7:20pm 8/29/06 7:20pm

Bosch Power Box iPod Dock Brings The Overkill

Is this Bosch Power Box really an iPod dock? It looks more like a beefed up oscilloscope, or some kind of underwater contraption from the 1950s used to get sharks to mate with dolphins. » 8/29/06 6:39pm 8/29/06 6:39pm

Bosch Power Box iPod Dock For (Wannabe) Tough Gys

It's been a while since we've covered an iPod dock (or maybe it just seems that way), but Bosch's recently introduced Power Box iPod Dock at least looks different. Housed in a protective roll cage—Bosch is also in the power tools business—the Power Box both recharges your iPod and provides the rock quarry with all the… » 8/29/06 4:13pm 8/29/06 4:13pm