Bose SoundTouch Is a Simple, Sonos-Like Wireless Music System

Meet Bose SoundTouch, a combination of hardware and software aimed at making the easiest, most seamless wireless music system ever. It's a direct shot at Sonos's excellent system from one of the most recognizable names in consumer audio. But can Bose catch up with the popular and excellent system Sonos has been… » 10/10/13 12:28pm 10/10/13 12:28pm

Audio Pioneer Amar Bose Is Dead

Dr. Amar Bose, the man who founded one of the best-recognized consumer audio equipment brands in the United States has died at the age of 83. The MIT-trained electrical engineer, professor, and entrepreneur significantly altered the way people think about consumer audio, especially over the last few years as audio… » 7/12/13 6:15pm 7/12/13 6:15pm

The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you're interested in noise-canceling headphones you're probably looking for refuge from the roar of jet engines or the murmurs from the water cooler. Good ones should make you deaf to the world around you. Like earplugs only better—because you're listening to your favorite music in a completely oblivious trance. » 9/19/12 5:20pm 9/19/12 5:20pm

Bose Tells AirPlay to Eat It with Its SoundLink Mobile Bluetooth…

The tiny Bose bluetooth speaker system we caught a whiff of last week went official today with a considerably less goofy name than "Chihuahua." The Soundlink Mobile, as it's actually called, is a portable Bluetooth speaker in an AirPlay world, but it looks like it might be pretty good anyway. » 9/15/11 7:09pm 9/15/11 7:09pm