Bose SoundDock 10 Has a Subwoofer In Its Belly, $600 Tag On Its Forehead

When does an iPod dock stop being an iPod dock? When it weighs 20 pounds? When it has a subwoofer the size of a child's head? When it costs $600? Whatever you do, don't ask Bose. » 9/15/09 2:40pm 9/15/09 2:40pm

iPhone Works With iPod Music Docks But Not Video Docks

When it comes to iPhone compatibility with old-school docks and accessories, the fear factor has been pretty high. Compounding that is the annoying message you get as soon as you dock an iPhone: "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone." Then, more mysteriously, "Would you like to turn on Airplane Mode to… » 7/01/07 3:56pm 7/01/07 3:56pm

Dressed in Black: Bose SoundDock

Here's one of our favorite iPod accessories, the Bose SoundDock, and now it arrives decked out in a high-gloss black finish to match those dark-hued iPods. Just like its white-colored brandmate, the black SoundDock hooks up to any iPod with a dock connector. Available in a few weeks, there's no specific info on… » 4/06/06 10:36am 4/06/06 10:36am