iCub Baby Robot to Undergo Developmental Training, Still Isn't a Real…

Those spiffing fellows at the University of Plymouth, UK are undertaking a research project involving a baby-bot named iCub, which will see the robot actually learn how to speak. The three-foot high robot will help researchers deduce how language is taught, but the further reaching impact of the study include the… » 3/01/08 8:00pm 3/01/08 8:00pm

Singapore Contest Offers $600k for Best Robo-Warrior

All you bot builders listen up. Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency is holding a contest to see who can build the best street-fighting robowarrior. The prize? One million Singapore dollars (about $652,000 US). The bar is set pretty high, however, as the winning bot will have to know how to move within… » 1/24/07 5:11pm 1/24/07 5:11pm