OSP Robot Is Human Sized Roomba For Oil Spills

Designer Ji-hoon Kim has come up with an ingenuous idea for cleaning up oil spills. Using various features such as boom control modules, solar panels, oil protection boom, communication modules, boom connectors, and propulsion modules the OSP robots work together to surround an oil spill site with an inflatable… » 3/04/08 4:10pm 3/04/08 4:10pm

iCub Baby Robot to Undergo Developmental Training, Still Isn't a Real Kid

Those spiffing fellows at the University of Plymouth, UK are undertaking a research project involving a baby-bot named iCub, which will see the robot actually learn how to speak. The three-foot high robot will help researchers deduce how language is taught, but the further reaching impact of the study include the… » 3/01/08 8:00pm 3/01/08 8:00pm

Singapore Contest Offers $600k for Best Robo-Warrior

All you bot builders listen up. Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency is holding a contest to see who can build the best street-fighting robowarrior. The prize? One million Singapore dollars (about $652,000 US). The bar is set pretty high, however, as the winning bot will have to know how to move within… » 1/24/07 5:11pm 1/24/07 5:11pm