Misshapen Penis Corpse Flower Blooms At Cornell University

The Sumatran titan arum’s species name – Amorphophallus titanum – means “giant misshapen penis”. Guess what its flower looks like? At full growth, the flower stands 3 meters high, pulses with heat, and smells like rotting meat. The heat and stench attracts flies and beetles, which pollinate the plant. The whole show… »6/22/15 1:10pm6/22/15 1:10pm

Visiting an Underground Garden Built in a Former Bank Vault Under Tokyo

Make's Phil Torrone is in Japan, visiting some old blog fodder in person, like this Japan find from 2005. Underneath an office building in the Otemachi business district of Tokyo is an underground rice and vegetable field. Created in a former bank vault, this hidden garden is maintained "using computer-controlled… »11/23/07 12:59pm11/23/07 12:59pm