How Ashley Madison Hid Its Fembot Con From Users and Investigators

The developers at Ashley Madison created their first artificial woman sometime in early 2002. Her nickname was Sensuous Kitten, and she is listed as the tenth member of Ashley Madison in the company’s leaked user database. On her profile, she announces: “I’m having trouble with my computer ... send a message!” »9/08/15 4:10pm9/08/15 4:10pm


One Chart That Shows How Much Money Ashley Madison Made Using Bots

Earlier today, I reported that Ashley Madison’s source code reveals a concerted effort to create an army of thousands of female bots called “engagers” to coax men into paying more for the site’s services. Now we have a chart from the company’s leaked emails that shows how much money they made from the bots. »8/31/15 6:26pm8/31/15 6:26pm

Ashley Madison Code Shows More Women, and More Bots

After searching through the Ashley Madison database and private email last week, I reported that there might be roughly 12,000 real women active on Ashley Madison. Now, after looking at the company’s source code, it’s clear that I arrived at that low number based in part on a misunderstanding of the evidence. Equally… »8/31/15 3:00pm8/31/15 3:00pm

These Autonomous Bots Build Structures With a Hive Mind of Their Own

These tiny construction robots look like they're doing a well-choreographed dance, working together to build a structure. Who's driving? Nobody—these micro machines cooperate autonomously, using the same concept that guides termites and bees to build huge structures without a supervisor or blueprint. Look at them go! »2/13/14 6:20pm2/13/14 6:20pm

World's Third-Largest Spam Botnet Is Knocked Offline for Good

Salutations, My Dearest One: I am writing to you this blog post with joy and happy feelings in my heart, bringing news that will be of great interest and benefit to you. Oh, beloved, there is indeed a special reason for why I have chosen to contact you in this moment of your day, I write to you now because of the… »7/18/12 11:30pm7/18/12 11:30pm