Video: Making a handmade glass bottle from sand is so hard

The concept is easy enough to follow: find sand, melt the crap out of it at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and then watch sand turn into glass. But when you want to do something with that molten glass like say, make a glass bottle, it gets so much harder. You have to juggle so many skills at once—spinning! blowing!… »9/30/15 2:10pm9/30/15 2:10pm


The making of this black crystal bottle is ridiculously precious

There's a problem when you make things too precious, people are going to be afraid to use it. Take this Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac bottle, it's made by Baccarat Crystal and passes through the hands of twenty people before it's finished. Sure, it's fun to see black crystal transformed into a decanter for liquor… »4/07/15 5:58pm4/07/15 5:58pm

The Untold History Behind Everyone's Favorite Condiment Bottle

The Heinz ketchup bottle has become a mainstay of family dinners and greasy diners alike, and it's for this precise reason that its iconic shape so often goes overlooked. The ketchup bottle's familiar glass frame comes with a rich, fascinating history that, fortunately for us, Co.Design has been kind enough to dig up. »8/26/13 10:54am8/26/13 10:54am

BlackBerry Party in London Turns Sour as a Guy Is Stabbed In the Neck

It's been a rough old week for RIM, which has had to fight back against reports that it's hanging up its coat in the consumer-room and will only service the corporate types. Now, this: a 30-something man who was "glassed" at a party to celebrate the BBM service last night in London, where Jessie J performed only… »4/04/12 7:11am4/04/12 7:11am

Dealzmodo: Epicurean Wine Preservation System Ensures Your Booze Doesn't Go to Waste

Woot Wine has a great deal on the Epicurean Wine Preservation System, selling it for only $55, which is more than half off the list price of $120. It'll reseal all kinds of bottles, even keeping your champagne (or sparkling white white for the uncultured masses) bubbly. Its roto-ciprocal (what a great term) vacuum and… »11/08/08 5:45pm11/08/08 5:45pm

Dumbell Shaped Sports Bottle Gives You a Thirst Quenching Workout

I don't know how much of a workout you are going to get with some rinky-dink 1-pound weights, but I like the idea behind this Dumbell Sports Bottle design. Not only would a bottle weight serve as a constant reminder about proper hydration, it would also encourage recycling. Plus, if you were to drink from the bottle,… »7/28/08 7:00pm7/28/08 7:00pm

Kor One Water Bottle Is One-Handable, Reusable and Very Nice Looking

If there was ever a reusable water bottle that we'd pay $29 for, this would be it. The Kor One is made out of BPA free plastic, and can be opened with one hand while cycling or running or eating or wiping. Their website is exactly what you'd expect from a company that's selling a $29 water bottle and is filled with… »6/18/08 4:30pm6/18/08 4:30pm