This Bottle Opener-Stopper Combo Is Flash Gordon's Only Bar Tool

You may already have a bottle stopper and you surely already have a bottle opener, but chances are neither of them look quite this awesome. Bottlejak is sleek, raygun-esque combo tool with a CNC machined solid aluminum body for opening bottles and a CNC-machined solid stainless steel plug for closing them. It's not… »7/01/13 2:46pm7/01/13 2:46pm

Crack Open a Synthehol With Classic Star Trek Bottle Opener

We can't imagine this bottle opener would have any use in the Star Trek universe (rudimentary hyper spanner, perhaps?), but here at home in 2008 anything that reeks of Trek and assists with inebriation is an indispensable tool. As you can see, the metal opener is all sorts of shiny, and is styled after the original… »4/27/08 5:30pm4/27/08 5:30pm