The Most Dangerous Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine

It's intentionally obnoxious but this video goes through all the ridiculously dangerous ways a person can open a bottle of wine. I'm talking about chainsaws, guns, rockets, blow torches, swords and more. I think my personal favorite is cracking open a bottle with the torch. Followed closely by chainsaw. [… » 7/09/13 9:00pm 7/09/13 9:00pm

This Bottle Opener-Stopper Combo Is Flash Gordon's Only Bar Tool

You may already have a bottle stopper and you surely already have a bottle opener, but chances are neither of them look quite this awesome. Bottlejak is sleek, raygun-esque combo tool with a CNC machined solid aluminum body for opening bottles and a CNC-machined solid stainless steel plug for closing them. It's not… » 7/01/13 2:46pm 7/01/13 2:46pm

Magical Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener Traps Your Caps Magnetically

Wall-mounted bottle openers are great in and of themselves. It's the 21st century—we shouldn't be using both of our hands like some kind of animal. But Dropcatch cleverly takes this modern convenience one step further with bottle cap catching magnets. » 6/05/13 5:20pm 6/05/13 5:20pm

Fastest Bottle Opener in the Galaxy Opens Bottles in Less Than Twelve…

For all the Star Wars branded crap that's been approved by Lucasfilm over the years, there's the occasional stroke of genius like this bottle opener that reminds us why we love the films—and drinking. » 10/10/12 12:00pm 10/10/12 12:00pm

Butterfly Bottle Opener Lets You Walk on the Wild Side of Bartending

You might not be able to spin a bottle like a flair bartender, but with this Butterfly Bottle Opener you can still put on an impressive show when cracking open a cold one. » 6/04/12 4:00pm 6/04/12 4:00pm

The Most Creative (and Ridiculous) Ways To Open a Beer Bottle

Think you and your friends have come up with the most unique and original ways to open a beer bottle? Think again. Chris Sumers and Adam Young created this fast-paced video, Bottle Cap Blues, that shows everything from axes, to iPods, to nail guns, to belly buttons being used to crack open a cold one. » 5/28/12 2:00pm 5/28/12 2:00pm

Crack a Beer With a Switchblade Bottle Opener and Feel Like the Badass…

Chances are you don't have much use for a switchblade in your life. But you probably use a bottle opener all the time. GamaGo's Switch Pop combines the tough guy imagery of the former with the utility of the latter. » 11/06/11 5:00pm 11/06/11 5:00pm

You Can Cram a Bottle Opener into Almost Anything

It's officially summer, brah. That means that, despite the fact that the economy's flagging, unrest consumes the Middle East, and a meteor could very well be headed for Earth, it's time to crack some brews. Behold: the best openers. » 6/20/11 4:00pm 6/20/11 4:00pm

What I Wouldn't Give to Press Ctrl + O On a Bottle of Beer Right Now

How many times have you wished you could press ctrl/cmd + F in real life? Or ctrl/cmd + Z? We may not be able to perform those life shortcuts just yet, but with Art Lebedev's ctrl + O bottle opener, at least we can crack open a cold one, for $18. [Art Lebedev via FoodBeast via TechEblog via Technabob] » 5/04/11 8:00am 5/04/11 8:00am

Swarm's Bike Seat Clamps Hide Hidden, Refreshing Post-Ride Tool

As a cyclist and a drinker of fine craft beers I can't see much fault with these bottle-opening bike seat clamps. If they make it out of Kickstarter and you procure one, please enjoy responsibly. » 4/09/11 1:00pm 4/09/11 1:00pm

The Brewzer Pocket Tool Is Drunk MacGuyver's Weapon of Choice

The PocketToolX Brewzer's got a ton of functionality: it's a pry tool, a scraper, a flat head screwdriver, and so on. But all of those are secondary to what Brewzer's really all about. » 3/25/10 8:00pm 3/25/10 8:00pm

Crack Open a Synthehol With Classic Star Trek Bottle Opener

We can't imagine this bottle opener would have any use in the Star Trek universe (rudimentary hyper spanner, perhaps?), but here at home in 2008 anything that reeks of Trek and assists with inebriation is an indispensable tool. As you can see, the metal opener is all sorts of shiny, and is styled after the original… » 4/27/08 5:30pm 4/27/08 5:30pm

Shark Bottle Opener: Dangerous For Other Reasons

"Uh ohhh honey! He's gonna get you!"
"Oh, that stupid bottle opener again?"
"No! It's a shark. And it wants-"
"It wants you to drink less." » 5/13/07 6:00pm 5/13/07 6:00pm

Ring Thing: Portal to Nirvana

We're seeing more bottle openers passing through our news filter lately, and this budding phenomenon started a conversation about the quality of beer you'll find in bottles that need openers to extract their contents. Word has it that there is life beyond Budweiser, and here's just the discreet tool that will help you… » 6/09/06 3:41pm 6/09/06 3:41pm