Water Rip-Off! Belfast Hotel Charges £26 for Bottle of Melted Ice

According to the United Nations, 783 million people lack access to clean water, and 2.5 billion people worldwide have inadequate sanitation. At the same time, the cataclysm of climate change grows ever nearer as the narcissistic complacency of our species prevents the collective action necessary to head off future… »7/26/15 1:00pm7/26/15 1:00pm

Starbucks Sells California's Scarce Water to "Help" People Without Water

When you buy a bottle of water at Starbucks, five cents goes towards “improving the lives of people who lack vital resources,” according to the in-house brand named Ethos Water. That may be true, but there’s a catch: The water’s bottled in a part of California where people’s wells are running dry. »4/29/15 1:20pm4/29/15 1:20pm

Evian's New Home Delivery Lets the Naive Order Water With a Wireless Fridge Magnet

Possibly taking a cue from Red Tomato's pizza-ordering magnet, Evian will soon be introducing a bottled water delivery service in France that allows customers to place an order from its own WiFi-connected fridge adornment. Sounds like it's time for Dennis Miller to update his Evian/naive rant. »6/16/12 10:30am6/16/12 10:30am

Swede Teen's Improved Water Bottle Can Be Filled Anywhere

In a world where adults walk around with water containers hanging out of their mouths just like babies suckling their bottles in their cribs, the water bottle business is obviously booming. Here's a teenager who figured out how to improve the containers that carry around water, but not the store-bought kind. Swedish… »10/12/07 1:03pm10/12/07 1:03pm