Evian's New Home Delivery Lets the Naive Order Water With a Wireless…

Possibly taking a cue from Red Tomato's pizza-ordering magnet, Evian will soon be introducing a bottled water delivery service in France that allows customers to place an order from its own WiFi-connected fridge adornment. Sounds like it's time for Dennis Miller to update his Evian/naive rant. » 6/16/12 10:30am 6/16/12 10:30am

Swede Teen's Improved Water Bottle Can Be Filled Anywhere

In a world where adults walk around with water containers hanging out of their mouths just like babies suckling their bottles in their cribs, the water bottle business is obviously booming. Here's a teenager who figured out how to improve the containers that carry around water, but not the store-bought kind. Swedish… » 10/12/07 1:03pm 10/12/07 1:03pm