I Can't Wait to Sit in This Chair That'll Fill Up My Beer from the Bottom

Ever since I saw the BottumsUP machine that fills up beer from the bottom of the glass in 2010, I've been hoping to somehow incorporate the good times rolling machine into my daily life. It hasn't happened. Maybe it will now because this magnificent arm chair uses the same bottom refilling beer technology so you… »3/05/13 10:30pm3/05/13 10:30pm


How the Amazing Beer That Pours From the Bottom of the Glass Works

Do you remember that jaw dropping video that showed beer being poured through the bottom of the glass? It all works because of this simple magnet attached to the bottom of the cup. The magnet raises up, to open, when being filled with the BottomsUP tap and keeps closed when you're drinking the brewski. Smart. »2/10/11 11:20am2/10/11 11:20am