Casio G'zOne Boulder Mil-Spec Cellphone Crammed with GPS, Compass, Lantern and More

Casio's G'zOne rugged-ass cellphone has been updated yet again, and this time it's called the Boulder. The Mil-Spec clamshell's got GPS, a 1.3MP camera, an LED lantern, microSD support and a digital compass in its shock-, dust- and water-resistant frame. The Boulder is out now in black or orange for $130 after 2-year… »7/28/08 6:00pm7/28/08 6:00pm

Gigantic Million-Piece LEGO Boulder Actually Has Styrofoam Core

You know that gigantic LEGO Indiana Jones boulder? Turns out that only the outside is LEGO. The inside (based on this photo) is made of styrofoam. We suppose that it would be way too cost-prohibitive to build the entire boulder out of LEGO, but that doesn't make us any less disappointed. [Photo Credit - Thanks Mike!] »5/19/08 5:40pm5/19/08 5:40pm

5 Million-Piece LEGO Boulder Chases Indy, Crashes Into Car

Ah LEGO, how much do we love you? Let me count the ways: five million. The same amount of million multicolored pieces needed to create this solid boulder, as big as the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then get a fake Professor Henry Jones (You call this archaeology?), fake Sallah (Asps. Very dangerous. You go first)… »5/19/08 7:05am5/19/08 7:05am