I Would Resort to a Life of Crime to Pay for Bowers and Wilkins' Badass New Soundbar

Bowers & Wilkins makes incredible-sounding speakers. Fact. And while its original Panorama soundbar is no exception, the home theater package was missing key connectivity in the way of HDMI inputs. The new Panorama 2 packs three-HDMI inputs, finally, and more importantly, 175 earth-shaking watts, into a gorgeous… » 10/03/12 4:20pm 10/03/12 4:20pm

B&W Liberty Is First 8-Channel Wireless System

The Bowers and Wilkins Liberty claims to be the world's first wireless entertainment system to offer 8 channels of audio—full 5.1 and an extra 2 channels for wherever the hell you want. But even more promising, maybe, is that while streaming your CD or DVD audio to its bundled speakers the Liberty will automatically… » 1/21/08 9:01am 1/21/08 9:01am