Three Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself From Online Spying

The recent PRISM scandal has validated both the general public's growing unease with federal law enforcement agencies, and many of the fringe element's accusations about Big Brother's online behavior. Whether or not it's legal under the PATRIOT Act, just knowing that the government can rummage through your online life… » 6/22/13 12:00pm 6/22/13 12:00pm

Here's What's Inside the iPhone 5 Box

I know a lot of you guys are counting down the moons, days, hours, minutes, seconds, breaths, eye-blinks and everything else until you get your hands on the new iPhone 5. We're obsessives, we get it. So here's something to placate you until then. A spoiler alert, if you will: here's what's inside the iPhone 5 box. » 9/18/12 8:30pm 9/18/12 8:30pm

Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and More Compared: What's the Best Cloud…

Now that Google Drive is finally here and you can use it, the first question is simple: Is it better than the cloud service you're already using (or maybe considering using)? We haven't had the chance to put Google Drive through the wringer quite yet, but we can compare it to the competition on paper. » 4/24/12 2:43pm 4/24/12 2:43pm

Watch This Pizza Lover Demonstrate a Pizza Breakthrough In His Cramped …

Continuing the ongoing saga that is outstanding pizza box engineering, Scott Weiner discovered a pizza box from Eataly that does it all: it keeps your pizza piping hot; it has vents for air flow; and it's completely recyclable. Awesome. [Boing Boing] » 7/30/11 10:40am 7/30/11 10:40am

Effectively Double Your Kid's Birthday Present Haul With These…

I don't know about your family but when I was growing up, whenever someone unwrapped a present and found a box of some sort inside they'd say, "OH MY GOSH a box! Just what I always wanted!" and no one ever really laughed but we kept saying it year after year anyway just because why not. Well with the Rolobox kit—a set of … » 3/15/11 3:20pm 3/15/11 3:20pm

Asus Eee Keyboard Confirmed For October, Wireless HDMI Included

Hell yes. Asus has finally committed to an October U.S and European arrival for its entertainment-PC-in-keyboard. The sleek device has a 5-inch touchscreen and Ultra Wideband HDMI (with receiver) to connect to your TV. I want it on my coffee-table. » 9/14/09 7:45am 9/14/09 7:45am

Asus Eee Keyboard Expected "As Early As October"

In the latest twist of the Eee Keyboard's delay, DigiTimes reports the entertainment-PC-in-a-keyboard should be ready "as early as October". It also says the 20-inch Eee Top AIO, and two new ultra-thin U/UX series notebooks will arrive in September. » 8/21/09 6:03am 8/21/09 6:03am