The Entire Star Wars Saga Is Finally Coming To Blu-ray in 2011

George Lucas announced today that all six live-action Star Wars movies will be released on Blu-ray in Fall 2011. Along with seeing every strand of Chewbacca's hair and Princess Leia look pretty in HD, the box set will also include documentary features and previously unseen footage. Pricing hasn't been announced yet. » 8/14/10 6:28pm 8/14/10 6:28pm

Ultimate Matrix Collection On Blu-ray October 14

The previously DVD and HD DVD-only Ultimate Matrix Collection » 7/29/08 4:39pm 7/29/08 4:39pm is headed to Blu-ray October 14, which will be pretty much the same as the HD DVD version. It'll have 35 hours of extras, picture-in-picture commentary and a price tag of $130. If you were that big a Matrix fan to spend $130 on this, you probably already…