The New Boxee TV Might Be the Set Top Box We've Been Waiting For: Live TV Broadcasts, DVR and More

We've been waiting for a set top box that could shake up the current craptastic boxes we get from our cable companies and/or do more than some of the neutered offerings available and Boxee may have figured it out. Or at least done something different than throw out the same black square puck as everybody else. This… »10/08/12 11:20pm10/08/12 11:20pm

Boxee Box: Now With Less Bugs Thanks to Firmware Update Magic!

As Jason noted in his review, the Boxee Box was a really good local media streamer, but the software was also pretty damn buggy. Well hopefully that will change for the better now that Boxee has issued their first firmware update. Not only does it offer 30 bug fixes, it adds improvements to navigational and sorting… »12/13/10 7:56pm12/13/10 7:56pm