Boynq's Iris Webcam Has a Touch of Anglepoise in its Design

*Squeak* Hello. I'm Pixar's famous Anglepoise lamp... yes, the one from the CGI film. *Squeak* I'm here to complain about this new Iris webcam from Boynq, which takes a few too many design cues from me and my fellow lamp kind. Look at it: it's unmistakable isn't it? As well as a VGA webcam, it's got a 5W RMS speaker … »8/05/08 10:40am8/05/08 10:40am

The Boynq Wake Up: Just When You Were Getting Sick and Tired of iPod Docks

If you are anything like me, the whole iPod dock thing is getting way, way old. However, one look at this stylish Boynq Wake Up iPod Dock Alarm Clock is (almost) enough to make you fall in love with iPod docks again. The Wake Up isn't just a pretty face however, because it also features a 20-watt amp, a wireless… »10/25/07 6:50pm10/25/07 6:50pm