BP Oil Spill Aftermath: Eyeless Shrimp, Clawless Crabs and Fish with…

Al Jazeera just published an astonishing report on the after-effects of the BP oil disaster, and it's not pretty. There are an alarming number of deformities in sea creatures: mutated shrimp, fish with sores and lesions, eyeless crabs and more. It's unlike anything local fisherman have ever seen. » 4/18/12 11:12am 4/18/12 11:12am

BP Purchases 32 of Kevin Costner's Oil-Water Separation Machines

Laugh you may have when you heard that Kevin Costner was stepping into BP's oil spill disaster with a potential solution, but BP has now snapped up 32 of the centrifuge machines to help separate the oil from the water. » 6/17/10 5:12am 6/17/10 5:12am

Why James Cameron Can Be the Gulf's White Knight

James Cameron's announcement last week that he was assembling a veritable Justice League of oceanographers, engineers, and other specialists to combat the BP oil disaster was met with some eye-rolling. But he may be the best man for the job. » 6/11/10 7:20pm 6/11/10 7:20pm