A Hybrid Braille Font Lets Visually Impaired Kids Read Any Book

To make kids living with visual impairments able to share the same experiences as their friends and peers, a new series of children's books was created. The Storybook For All Eyes each feature a custom-designed font that incorporates both braille and english letters into a single typeface so they can be shared and… »8/28/13 11:52am8/28/13 11:52am

Apple to Make iTunes 8 and iPod Completely Accessible to the Blind

Apple has committed to work with the state of Massachusetts to use its VoiceOver technology from Mac OS X to make its iTunes and iPod ecosystem fully usable for the blind. Before the agreement, Apple had already been making strides: VoiceOver and Braille support for OS X and closed captioning for iPod and Apple TV… »9/27/08 9:00pm9/27/08 9:00pm

Touch Sight Camera Lets the Blind Take Pictures, Sort Of

When you're born blind, there are a few things you probably don't expect to do: become an airline pilot, use a camera and type on the iPhone, to name a few. Chueh Lee, a designer at Samsung in China wants to remedy that second one with his Touch Sight camera design, which instantly creates a Braille-like relief image… »8/13/08 10:00pm8/13/08 10:00pm

Apple Tactile Touchscreen Patent Suggests Braille Bumps and Sub-Screen Keys

Apple's latest patent filing is for a tactile touchscreen. It's not a new idea, but while companies LG and Alpine use vibration technology to make you feel like you are touching something distinct, the Apple patent suggests that you actually will touch something physical. One idea is for Braille-like bumps to emerge… »10/25/07 12:25pm10/25/07 12:25pm