Ninendo DS In Red Mario Bros Limited Edition On Black Friday

It's not a special Black Friday » 11/25/08 8:20am 11/25/08 8:20am deal, but DS fans may think it's a bit special all the same: Nintendo's launching a limited edition Mario Red DS bearing the M logo this Friday. It'll also come with a bundled copy of New Super Mario Bros, and it'll set you back $150. There's another limited edition bundle too, mixing…

SegaToys Brain Checker Flirts With Your Prefrontal Cortex

The SegaToys Brain Checker is a handheld game that allows you to get your gray matter flexing. Given the Japanese content of the source, we are not too sure what the Brain Checker will actually involve, but derivations of Dr. Kawashima's Brain Age games are to be expected. From the screenshots available, the game will… » 12/29/07 12:45pm 12/29/07 12:45pm

Chimpanzees Beat College Students at Computerized Brain Test

You know that game in Brain Age where you get a quick look at a batch of numbers then have to tap them in numerical order after they're hidden? In news that must please the good Dr. Kawashima to no end, scientists at Kyoto University have found that five-year-old chimps are able to perform a (very) similar feat much… » 12/03/07 9:55pm 12/03/07 9:55pm

Nintendo Gives DS Lite + Brain Age To President Bush For 60th Birthday

Check out this DS Lite + Brain Age pack Nintendo gave to President Bush for his birthday. That's pretty neat, but I wonder if he'll play it. With no sons in the house, we doubt there was a Nintendo or Sega Genesis to be found. Well, it'll give him something to do when his iPod runs out of juice. » 7/06/06 7:47pm 7/06/06 7:47pm