Brain Scans Show What Dogs Are Actually Thinking About

It's human nature (and human folly) to pretend like we know what our dogs are actually thinking about. Oh, he's happy! Oh, he's tired! Oh, he loves this! That's not exactly a scientific way to look at things. Brain scans, however, are super scientific. So scanning the brains of dogs means its possible to know what… » 5/07/12 11:44am 5/07/12 11:44am

This Is What Your Brain Looks Like When You Masturbate

It was only matter of time after the invention of fMRI scanning machines — which track blood flow in the brain — that scientists would start having people pleasure themselves while strapped into one. And so it was that New Scientist writer Kayt Sukel ended up with this delightful scan of her brain at the moment of… » 5/23/11 7:40am 5/23/11 7:40am

Future Arrives Early: Judge Uses Brain Scan to Convict Person of Murder

It wasn't supposed to happen—not yet at least—but it did: This past June, a judge in the Indian state of Maharashtra convicted a woman of killing her ex-fiance, citing as proof an EEG scan showing "experiential knowledge" of the crime. Many people do think there's something to this, that an EEG or MRI scan of the… » 9/16/08 9:15pm 9/16/08 9:15pm